Please read: If you actually download and try the code, please drop me a line to let me know. Thank you

  • The code is now on a GIT Repo through BitBucket: clone the code using:

git clone

BUGs warning: please, let me know if you find a bug of any type. Thanks.


= The following versions are no longer supported:


  • V1.2 (Dec 2, 2010) is now ready for download:
  • It can now read topographic files from the NOAA repository
  • New features:
  1. Meshing of orography and bathymetry from the height files of the NOAA repository (NOAA repository)

  • V1.0 To download the software (V1.0) please click on this link.
  • If you actually do so, please, drop me a line to let me know. It has nothing to do with permissions of any type, but to simply keep a personal statistics. Thank you!

  • 2D version: V2.0 QUADTREE MESH REFINEMENT (Nov. 2012) is ready for download (TFI and Static mesh refinement):

  • 2D version: V1.1 (Sept. 2010) is ready for download (TFI and Elliptic):
  • A simpler 2D version of the code


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