• This page is not up-to-date for the new eliptic version! Ask me if you want to run some elliptic example.
  • Orography and bathymetry of the Monterey Bay, CA (This only works with version V1.2)

  • After installing the software inside Src do the following:
  1. >> cd MMESH3D/Runs
  2. open Input_meshparam.inp with your favorite editor
  3. set Space dimensions: 3
  4. set Element_type: HEXA or WEDGE
  5. set Number of blocks: 1
  6. nnodesx, nnodesy, and nnodesz can be left at any dummy value because this information will come from the topography files downloaded from NOAA
  7. same thing about all three PERIODIC flags
  8. At BDY_NODES: simply change the third column of node# 5,6,7,8 to a positive value for the top of the domain: ex., set all 4 values to 10000.0
  9. At TOPOGRAPHY, set Type: to "noaa monterey all" (DON'T put the quotes in the actual file!)
  10. Leave everything else in the file as it is.
  11. Save and close the file
  12. Run it as: >> ./meshGen3D.a Input_meshparam.inp
  13. After running it correctly you will have a file with extension *.vtk: open it with ParaView or VisIt